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A system for automatically turning on vehicle road lights responsive to the operation of the vehicle windshield wipers. The vehicle windshield wiper switch is connected by an electrical circuit to the road light switch of the vehicle. A first diode circuit connects the windshield wiper switch to the headlight actuation position of the road light switch so that a diode allows the headlight switch to override the vehicle light connection through the windshield wiper switch. A second diode circuit is connected to the first diode circuit and prevents the headlights from being disengaged through the windshield wiper switch when the parking lights are actuated. Heavier wiring between the battery and the ignition and between the ignition and the windshield wiper switch is required along with a heavier fuse and an auxiliary switch disengaging the windshield wiper headlight circuit when desired.

Vehicle light switch apparatus
Application Number
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March 19, 1976
Publication Date
November 8, 1977
Ernest W Binegar
37 Indian Creek Road, New Smyrna, 32069
Duckworth Hobby Orman Allen & Pettis
H02G 3/00
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