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A baseball game amusement device which is provided with a mechanism for propelling balls within a casing toward target zones labeled to correspond to the various functions that are performed during the playing of baseball, including "ball", "strike", "out", "hit", "two base hit", "three base hit", and "home run"; a baseball diamond having first, second and third bases provided with openings; designators associated with each of the bases, each including a cup-like retention member for holding one of the balls and provided with indicia designating a player, the designators being normally positioned such that the indicia cannot be seen through the openings and being mounted for rotation such that when a ball is received within the retention member, the designator moves to position the indicia of the player within the opening to be viewed by the user of the amusement device; a scoreboard provided with a visual display indicating the number of runs that have been scored; passageways connecting the various target zones, designators, scoreboard and propulsion mechanism; and actuating rods corresponding to the designators and mounted to the casing for rotation, each of the rods being provided with a first mechanism for preventing the balls from leaving the cup-like retention member of the associated designator, and other mechanisms associated with and extending into certain of the passageways such that balls passing therethrough cause the actuator rods to rotate removing the first mechanism from its position of blocking the passage of balls from the designators.

Baseball game amusement device
Application Number
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December 8, 1976
Publication Date
October 25, 1977
Teruo Matsumoto
Staas & Halsey
A63F 7/06
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