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An information retrieval system capable of capturing packets or rows of video displayable data and/or control program instructions continuously transmitted in a common predetermined format, such as pseudo video scan lines, over a common predetermined video signal transmission media, such as television signal distribution means, captures these packets from a continuously transmitting remote data base comprising a plurality of different control programs and different data rows in order to provide a selected purpose variable function terminal with information display as well as particular type of processing thereof can individually be substantially simultaneously varied for each terminal of a plurality of terminals in the system. The control program instructions comprise a first plurality of continuously remotely transmitted diffferent selectable sets of microprocessor processing control instructions for the terminal for controlling the operation thereof to process the transmitted data in accordance therewith, and a common second set of continuously remotely transmitted instructions for controlling the loading of any selected one of the first plurality of selectable sets of microprocessor processing control instructions into a local storage means which is operatively connected to the microprocessor which is operable in accordance with said locally stored selected set of processor control instructions. The local storage means further comprises a common third set of stored retrieval control instructions for controlling the loading of the common second set of control instructions into the local storage means. By selection means, such as a keyboard, the user is capable of individually determining what video displayable information is to be received and how the particular user terminal which receives this information is to process it, such as selecting a video displayable row grabbing function for the terminal which would continuously update the video display on a real time row-by-row basis.

Information retrieval system for providing downstream loading of remote data and processing control thereof
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June 3, 1976
Publication Date
October 18, 1977
Lenard Wintfeld
Maurice Fletcher
Hubbell Cohen Stiefel & Gross
H04N 1/02
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