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Artificial intraocular lenses comprise an optical zone portion for implanting in the posterior chamber of an eye, posts extending from said optical zone portion through the iris into the anterior chamber thereof, and retaining means for securing to the ends of the posts, whereby said posts and retaining means hold and position the artificial intraocular lenses within the eye. In some embodiments, the posts and retaining means are configured for an interengaging press fit. In another embodiment the posts are attached to the retaining means and are adapted to be secured to the optical zone portion. Instruments aiding in the implanting of the artificial intraocular lenses in the eye by press fitting the retaining means to the posts, comprise means for supporting the retaining means on the instrument, bridle means connecting the optical zone portion of the artificial intraocular lenses with the instrument, and means for drawing the posts toward the retaining means until the desired interengaging press fit therebetween is achieved. The instruments are also adapted to attach the posts of the retaining means to the lens portion in the other embodiment. The instruments are also modified to remove the retaining ring from the posts. The artificial intraocular lenses and instruments are adapted to provide an extra-ocular confirmation signal indicating that the posts are operatively engaged for holding the optical zone portion and retaining means together. Conductive portions of the optical zone portion and retaining means contact to close an electrical circuit providing the extra-ocular confirmation signal.

Posterior chamber artificial intraocular lens with retaining means and instruments for use therewith adapted to provide extraocular confirmation of operative engagement
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October 12, 1976
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October 18, 1977
Kenneth J Rodgerson
83 Melville Ave., Fairfield, 06430
Leonard Flom
Arlen Road, Westport, 06880
Wooster Davis & Cifelli
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