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An apparatus for administering a fine mist of an ophthalmic solution to the eyeball of a human. The apparatus is a spray applicator which features the provision of a baffle in the lower portion of an eyecup. The baffle is spaced from the inner surface of the eyecup, with the lateral ends or the entire lower periphery of the baffle being attached to the inner surface of the eyecup. A container such as an aerosol can or plastic squeeze bottle holding the ophthalmic solution is provided, together with ancillary elements to transmit the solution, so that the ophthalmic solution can be projected at will, i.e. when the eyecup is emplaced over an eyeball, into the lower portion of the eyecup opposite the baffle, so that the solution impinges on the baffle rather than directly impinging on the eyeball, the solution thus being effectively dispersed into a mist of small droplets within the eyecup, which mist thus uniformly and gently coats the outer surface of the eyeball. The central portion of the eyecup is preferably composed of a material such as glass, plexiglass or lucite which transmits light, i.e. the central portion of the eyecup is translucent or transparent.

Apparatus for medicinally spraying an eyeball
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June 28, 1976
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October 11, 1977
Stephen L Trokel
1192 Park Ave., New York, 10028
D Jackson Coleman
223 Maple St., Haworth, 07641
Kirschstein Kirschstein Ottinger & Frank
A61M 11/00
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