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A dustless portable electric router comprising a base having a dust chamber formed below a motor mounted to the base to be axially adjustable therein. A pair of handles are connected to the base with a passage formed in one of the handles in communication with the dust chamber. A blower is formed on the top side of the motor with the router connected to and driven by an extension from the motor armature shaft. A flexible conduit interconnects the handle passage and the blower, and a dust bag collects the dust and debris from the blower discharge.

The dust chamber has side openings which are enclosed by detachably connected plastic shrouds that provide operator visibility. A light is connected in the other handle and serves to illuminate the dust chamber and the surrounding work. The dust bag is hung from the blower at the "back" of the router housing, and the blower is positioned remote from the work engaging flat bottom of the router base. The conduit which interconnects the handle and blower is flexible to permit axial adjustment of the motor within the base.

Dustless routers
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October 29, 1976
Publication Date
October 4, 1977
Charles E Hestily
H Weinstein
Robert E Smith
Edward L Bell
The Singer Company
B27G 71/00
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