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An integrated electrical component is provided which functions as an inductive-capacitive network, and which may be used, for example, to form a filter, transformer, or the like. The component includes distributed capacitance and inductance with external connections to permit a variety of distributed element configurations, which results in the elimination of spurious electromagnetic radiation from the component and in the packaging of a multiple-pole filter in an extremely compact configuration, so as to provide a variety of filter networks, or the like, each of high quality factor (Q). The component comprises one or more sheets of dielectric material formed, for example, of a ceramic, and having one or more conductive sheets positioned on each dielectric sheet. The resulting assembly is turned into a spiral configuration, as will be described, to form the component, and the resulting assembly is then cured.

Electrical component for providing integrated inductive-capacitive networks
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October 9, 1975
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September 13, 1977
Jack H Zillman
30798 Calle Chueca, San Juan Capistrano, 92675
Jessup & Beecher
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