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A vibration isolator of the type used for mounting industrial equipment, having the capability of measuring forces exerted upon the isolator to adjust the support provided by each of the isolators upon which the equipment is mounted so as to provide the most suitable distribution of support and to reduce the transmission of dynamic forces created by the operation of the equipment. The isolator comprises a resilient base, a bearing plate on the base and a sensing device cooperating therewith, with or without means for attaching the isolator to the equipment. A force applied to the isolator exerts pressure on the bearing plate which is transmitted therethrough to the resilient base causing each of them to experience some deformation. The sensing device detects the pressure or deformation caused by the force applied to the isolator and generates a signal corresponding to said force. The signal is transmitted to indicating instruments suitably calibrated to show the static and dynamic forces to which both the equipment and foundation are subjected, as well as the weight and center of gravity of the equipment.

Load-sensing and adjusting method for operable machines
Application Number
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January 26, 1976
Publication Date
September 13, 1977
Sheldon E Young
Western Springs
E Manning Giles
Vibro Dynamics Corporation
G01L 5/00
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