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A connector assembly for a coaxial cable having an annularly corrugated outer conductor has a first unitary clamping member which fits over the end of the coaxial cable and forms an inwardly extending bead at one end thereof for meshing with the last valley in the corrugated outer conductor, thereby locking the clamping member to the cable in the axial direction. One side of the bead also forms a first conically beveled clamping surface for engaging the outer surface of the last crest in the corrugated outer conductor. When the clamping member is advanced over the cable during installation of the connector assembly, the bead cams a plurality of resilient segments in the beaded end of the clamping member outwardly to clear the crest of the corrugated outer conductor. The resilient segments are formed by a plurality of longitudinal slits, and the camming of these segments outwardly during installation of the clamping member permits the bead to pass over the crest of the corrugated outer conductor before it snaps into its locked position. A second conically beveled clamping surface, preferably formed as an integral part of the main body member of the connector, engages the inner surface of the last crest in the corrugated outer conductor of the cable. Telescoping sleeves formed as integral parts of the clamping member and the body member are provided with cooperating threaded surfaces which serve to draw and hold the two clamping surfaces together against opposite surfaces of the outer conductor of the cable. An outwardly projecting bead on the clamping member minimizes the area of frictional engagement between the unthreaded surfaces of the two members to avoid rotation of the clamping member around the cable. The corrugated outer conductor is preferably cut off at substantially the apex of one of the crests of the corrugations so as to form an annular flared end on the outer conductor. An O-ring is seated in one of the valleys of the outer conductor and bears against the inner surface of the clamping member to provide a moisture seal between the outer conductor and the clamping member.

Connector for coaxial cable with annularly corrugated outer conductor
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July 8, 1976
Publication Date
September 6, 1977
Dennis M Healy
Oak Lawn
Richard C Juds
Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt
Andrew Corporation
H01R 17/18
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