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An improved support means for a safety belt retractor includes: a stationary member, a movable member, and a fastening means. The stationary member is mounted on the retractor. The movable member is mounted on the stationary member. The movable member is adjustable in one plane with reference to the stationary member. An inertia mechanism and an actuating means are mounted on the movable member and are adjustable with the movable member. The fastening means pre-sets the movable member with reference to the stationary so that the movable member supports the inertia mechanism in a desired position when the retractor is tilted for installation in a vehicle. The support means further includes: an adjustment centerline, a pivot axis for the stationary member, and a pivot axis for the movable member. The pivot axis for the stationary member and the pivot axis for the movable member are arranged approximately along the adjustment centerline. The actuating means has a locking end for engagement with ratchet teeth of a ratchet wheel. The locking end has adjustment motion in a circumferential arc. The arc has a center point which lies approximately on the adjustment centerline. The locking end during adjustment remains at approximately the same distance from an engaging edge of the ratchet tooth which is in a ratchet tooth engagement position.

Support for safety belt retractor inertia mechanism
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
May 2, 1975
Publication Date
September 6, 1977
Klaus Frederick Ocker
Mount Clemens
Walter Morris Wheeler
Roger H Criss
John P Kirby Jr
Allied Chemical Corporation
B65H 75/48
A62B 35/00
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