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A cabinet structure and method of construction therefor include provision of a plurality of tubular frame members having holes in the interior side walls thereof near the ends of the members, and a plurality of corner members for joining the frame members together. The corner members have a central post and a pair of legs extending from one end of the central post at substantially a right angle thereto and at substantially a right angle with respect to each other. One side of each leg is tapered to become narrower at its end and each leg has a nipple protruding from the side opposite the tapered side. The corner members are fitted in the frame members by pivoting the legs thereof into the ends of the frame members so that the nipples are received into corresponding holes in the side walls of the frame members. The frame members are generally rectangular in cross-section and includes a pair of flanges which extend in a parallel fashion from a pair of adjacent corners of the frame member. A plurality of panels are provided for fitting among the frame members in which certain of the edges of the panels are received between the flanges of certain of the frame members.

Cabinet structure and method of construction
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August 20, 1975
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August 30, 1977
Clinton B Peterson
3892 Jefferson Ave., Ogden, 84403
Criddle Thorpe & Western
A47F 5/14
A47B 43/00
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