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A gasoline and battery-powered electric automobile wherein the start and the running of the car are effected by an electric motor except in circumstances where the battery charge is depleted, in which case the normal cruising and higher speeds are then obtained using a gasoline or internal combustion engine which can be cut in either automatically or at will. The electric motor is powered by storage batteries that can be recharged from a generator driven by the internal combustion engine, or else from house current. One pair of wheels of the vehicle is powered by the internal combustion engine through a magnetic clutch and differential. The other set of wheels is powered through an infinitely variable mechanical transmission comprising cone pulleys or cone chains whose ratio is power-controlled in accordance with the driver's desires or else with the speed of the vehicle. The infinitely variable transmission has a very high speed-ratio for starting the vehicle, after which the speed ratio reduces either automatically or under the driver's direction as the vehicle gains speed. In cases where the battery charge is, say, below one half of the fully-charged condition, the car upon attainment of a predetermined cruising speed will discontinue driving of the electric powered means, and this can be replaced by the internal combustion engine. Thus, with the arrangement disclosed, city driving can be characterized by the use of electrical power whereby air pollution is nil. Only minimal polluting exhaust occurs for higher speed driving, as along highways and the like, in those cases wherein the battery charge is below one half.

Hybrid powered automobile
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November 21, 1975
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August 16, 1977
Elwood R Horwinski
K Gibner Lehmann
H Gibner Lehmann
Automobile Corporation of America
B60L 11/14
B60L 11/12
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