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A tray having individual compartments for holding pills, capsules, or similar solid medication, each compartment being rectangular in plan view and arranged in a rectangular format or seven columns and a plurality of rows. The tray may be loaded with a week's medication for an individual patient with indicia adjacent each column indicating the day of the week, and indicia adjacent the rows indicating the time of day that the medication in each compartment is to be taken. A lid or cover cooperates with the wall means defining the individual compartments to mutually isolate the compartments when in the closed position. The inner surfaces of the compartments are preferably rounded in at least one plane of ease of withdrawing medication therefrom.

Dosage indicating pill tray
Application Number
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March 23, 1976
Publication Date
August 2, 1977
Joseph Anthony Cappuccilli
404 Oak St., Syracuse, 13203
Charles S Mc Guire
B85D 85/56
B65D 1/36
G09F 9/00
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