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An internal support for holding limp plastic refuse bags in an upright, free-standing, open condition is in the nature of a smooth liner sheet having interconnected panels that are freely swingable, without substantial inward or outward bias, toward and away from one another. The panels are initially held in a partially overlapped condition during insertion of the liner into a bag, whereupon they are swung outwardly away from one another to the extent permitted by the dimensions of the bag selected for use, the panels in such expanded condition frictionally engaging the bag sidewall to hold the latter against collapse. So expanded, the liner completely or at least substantially covers the entire surface of the bag sidewall so that the latter is protected from engagement with refuse entering the bag during loading, hence precluding accidental pulling of the bag from the liner. The liner is readily slipped from between the refuse and the bag after the latter is loaded so that the liner can then be reused with a bag of the same or different dimensions.

Universal bag support
Application Number
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Application Date
September 7, 1976
Publication Date
July 26, 1977
Kenneth E Boyle
9126 Hayes, Overland Park, 66212
Schmidt Johnson Hovey & Williams
B65B 67/12
B65D 33/02
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