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A catheter device used in the catherization of a blood vessel during hemodialysis which comprises a hub assembly having at least a first and second fluid conduit each of which are connected in fluid communication with separate concentrically disposed tube elements so as to define a first and second fluid flow path. The concentrically arranged tube elements provide for a single puncture into the predetermined blood vessel wherein the first and second fluid conduits are interconnected to a continuous negative and positive source of fluid flow so that blood will be continuously drawn from and supplied to the predetermined blood vessel by means of the outer and inner tube elements respectively. The hub assembly may comprise at least two hub portions correspondingly dimensioned and configured to define the two fluid conduits therein and also provide structure for securing the inner and outer tube elements to the hub assembly and further provide alignment structure for properly positioning the two hub portions into mating engagement with one another to define the operative hub assembly.

Continuous flow catheter device
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January 26, 1976
Publication Date
July 26, 1977
James D Raulerson
Rte. 2, Box 104, Alachua, 32615
Duckworth Hobby Orman Allen & Pettis
A61M 5/00
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