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A tool and method for use by a surgeon in the insertion of a hip nail guide pin within upper end of a femur. The tool includes a base for temporary abutment against the femur which base is supported by an initial guide pin in place within the femur. A first guide member is positionably carried by the base and is indexed through 90 degrees for the taking of X-ray photographs within perpendicular planes. An optimum location for a second guide pin is plotted on the resulting X-ray photographs. The surgeon, in inserting the second guide pin, utilizes the first guide member, and a second guide member if necessary, to provide a reference point outwardly spaced from the femur to aid him in seating the guide pin through a window in the femur wall into position within the femur neck and head. A method of inserting a second guide pin is also disclosed.

Guide pin locating tool and method
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May 4, 1976
Publication Date
July 26, 1977
Richard F Kronner
Rte. 2, Box 583, Roseburg, 97470
James D Givnan Jr
A61F 5/04
A61B 17/18
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