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A hinge and pivot arrangement for a movable member such as a window sash, and a co-operating frame, comprises two hinges arranged at opposite ends of one member of the frame to permit the movable member to be hinged thereabout when an operating handle which moves an operating rod and carries a locking member is moved to a second position from a first position in which the locking member engages a striker plate on another member of the frame, opposite to the said one frame member, to secure the movable member to the frame against opening, and in a third position of the operating handle, the locking member is disengaged from the striker plate and a bolt co-operating with means for releasably connecting one of said hinges to the movable member disconnect the hinge from the movable member and a pin carried by the operating rod is engaged in the channel of a stay pivoted at one end to said another frame member to permit the movable member to tilt within the limit imposed by the stay relative to a further member of the frame which interconnects the said opposing frame members.

Hinge and hinge and pivot arrangement
Application Number
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Application Date
July 7, 1976
Publication Date
July 19, 1977
Johannes Harald Bierlich
Oresundshoj 15, Charlottenlund
Brisebois & Kruger
E05D 15/52
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