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A disposable diaper having a facing sheet defining a diaper inside surface for direction toward an infant and a backing sheet defining a diaper outside surface is provided with adhesive tabs having a bifurcated fixed end and a free end. The fixed end has first and second anchoring legs which are integral with the free end and which are provided with adhesive coatings on opposing inner faces thereof. The fixed end is permanently attached by means of the adhesive coatings to opposing outer surfaces of the diaper facing and backing sheets which are interposed between the first and second anchoring legs. The free end of the tab has an adhesive coating on one face thereof, is releasably attached to a release region provided on the diaper inside surface, and is movable from a folded-over storage position, wherein the free end is releasably adhered to the release region, to a working position wherein the adhesive-coated free end is available for use in securing the diaper about an infant.

Disposable diaper having a tab fastener with a bifurcated fixed end
Application Number
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September 16, 1975
Publication Date
July 5, 1977
Talivaldis Cepuritis
Johnson & Johnson
A61F 13/16
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