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A seal for stirring apparatus, wherein the stirring apparatus comprises an elongate glass rod having a stirrer blade at one end thereof for disposition inside a laboratory flask and the like to stir the contents thereof and motor means connected with the other end of the rod to rotate the rod, said seal including a glass stopper for fitting in the neck of a flask and the like, a synthetic plastic sleeve threadably engaged at one end thereof on the stopper and sealed relative thereto, synthetic plastic seal rings disposed in the sleeve for sealingly engaging a rotatable glass rod extended coaxially through the sleeve and stopper, and a synthetic plastic seal ring clamp threadably engaged with the other end of the sleeve and extended into clamping engagement with the seal rings to effect a secure and leak tight seal of the stirring apparatus relative to the flask and the like, and to enable adjustment of the seal as it becomes worn and the like.

Sealing means for stirring apparatus
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October 21, 1975
Publication Date
June 28, 1977
Edwin D Phillips
170 Albert St., N. Plainfield, 07060
Shoemaker and Mattare
F16C 33/72
B01F 7/16
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