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An adjustable stand for supporting heavy loads such as pallets at various heights, the stand having a platform formed of four channel shaped beam members securely fastened together in a generally rectangular form with two of the beam members being relatively long and extending longitudinally of the platform and having spaced notches on their under surfaces, there being two pairs of legs disposed adjacent opposite sides of the platform, the legs of each pair being pivotally secured together near their longitudinal midpoints. The upper ends of one leg of each pair are disposed within the longitudinally extending beams and pivotally secured thereto. The upper ends of the other legs are joined together by a rod member designed to fit within the pairs of spaced notches so that the height of the platform is dependent upon the location of the pair of notches in which the rod member is placed. Resilient means are provided for biasing the legs toward the position in which the platform is at its maximum height so as to tend to counterbalance the weight of the platform and the legs and make it easier to vertically adjust the stand. The bottoms of the legs are associated with two base members which provide for stability for the stand.

Adjustable stand
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
March 17, 1976
Publication Date
June 28, 1977
Warren A Ehrichs
Frederick E Lange
Ehrichs Manufacturing Company
F16M 13/00
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