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A wraparound type carrier package for a group of bottles arranged in double row relation and transversely aligned pairs, which package is especially adapted for use in the marketing of bottled beverages and which is designed to satisfy railway requirements for shipping containers or packages of this type with respect to bottle separation, the package being formed from a flat blank of paperboard or similar foldable sheet material which is cut and scored so that it may be wrapped about the top and bottom of two rows of bottles and the ends of the blank overlapped and connected by cooperating interengaging locking elements, with one margin having an extension panel cut therein which is folded upwardly to a bottle separating position between upper portions of the bottles in the two rows and which is arranged to provide a double thickness of the wrapper material between the bottle areas which would otherwise be in contact. The bottles in the rows are restrained against endwise movement in the tubular wrapper by engaging heel portions in apertures provided at the juncture of the side and bottom wall panels and separated in the rows by tab separator elements upstanding from the bottom wall panels.

Bottle package
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June 23, 1975
Publication Date
June 14, 1977
Guelfo A Manizza
Guy A Greenawalt
Federal Paper Board Company
B65D 85/30
B65D 65/12
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