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A new building brick for use in the construction of buildings is disclosed. The brick is provided with projecting members and indentations on opposite surfaces. The projecting members and indentations provide resistance to lateral movement of the bricks. The bricks are held together in adjacent tiers by means of magnetic forces. The magnetic materials are located around the periphery of the projecting members and indentations or on the tops of the projecting members and the innermost portion of the indentation. In another embodiment, the bricks may be partially cured and held together by means of applying water to the surfaces to be joined and applying heat.

Building brick
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July 18, 1975
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May 31, 1977
David T Langley
1836 W. Venango St., Philadelphia, 19140
Steele & Petock
H01F 7/02
A63H 33/08
E04C 1/10
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