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A laser aiming system for attachment to a conventional firearm such as a pistol, rifle or shotgun is disclosed, which system utilizes a laser to project a beam of a coherent light onto a target at a given range to indicate the impact point of a projectile fired from a weapon. The laser aiming system includes a laser tube, a self-contained power supply module and apparatus for mounting the laser to the weapon whereby the recoil force developed during firing of the weapon will not be injurious to the laser. The mounting apparatus includes a track fixed relative to the firearm with a carriage that is slidable thereon to provide limited longitudinal reciprocating movement of the laser relative to the weapon. A pneumatic device is operably disposed between the carriage and the weapon to absorb and dissipate the energy of recoil. Compression springs are provided and disposed on opposite sides of the carriage to yieldably resist longitudinal movement of the carriage and return it to an intermediate position on the track after recoil. An attachment mechanism releasably secures the mounting apparatus to the weapon.

Laser aiming system for weapons
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February 2, 1976
Publication Date
May 31, 1977
Wesley L Snyder
8709 Robindell, Houston, 77036
Arnold White & Durkee
F41G 1/34
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