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A splice for a shielded high voltage cable wherein a section of electrical shielding sleeve of the original cable is replaced by an open-mesh sleeve, and the latter is concentrically supported on the connector sleeve by a polyurethane helix. A polyvinyl chloride or other plastic jacket is taped to the cable at its opposite ends, and is filled in with mixed polyurethane plastic material, an epoxy, or the like, which invades the entire interior of the splice, inside the jacket, and inside the open-mesh replacement shielding sleeve as well. The unshielded case is the same, but with the shield and shield replacement step omitted.

High voltage shielded cable splice
Application Number
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May 7, 1975
Publication Date
May 24, 1977
William F Whittingham
6029 Primrose Ave., No. 1, Temple City, 91780
Forrest J Lilly
H02G 1/14
H01R 5/02
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