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A system and process is disclosed for providing a durability enhanced area that is particularly well suited for use as an athletic playing field. A vegetative crop has one or more layers of netting associated therewith so that each layer of netting has portions of the vegetative crop extending therethrough. With grass utilized as the vegetative crop and the growing points of the grass within a rooting medium, the blades of the grass extend upwardly through a top layer of netting contiguous to and above the rooting medium to protect the growing points of the grass and to prevent excessive divoting when the area is used as an athletic playing field. A second layer of netting is positioned below the rooting medium so that the roots of the grass extend therethrough to give the turf the support strength that is particularly required where the area is used as an athletic playing field for playing a game such as football. Additional layers of netting may be utilized where needed or desired. The system is particularly suitable for use with a planted surface having an underground conditioning system, and may also be utilized to replace or repair selected portions of an area.

System and process for providing durability enhanced area
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March 8, 1976
Publication Date
May 17, 1977
Melvin J Robey
West Lafayette
John R Nesbitt
Purdue Research Foundation
A01G 7/00
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