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An inflatable bathing tub has a size whereby it may be conveniently placed into a shower stall. The tub is fabricated of an attached and ascending series of interconnected inflatable annular tubes, preferably of increasing diameters. Drainage means allow the tub to be conveniently drained into the shower stall drain, or other location, as desired. The tub is provided with a base which has bottom feet to raise the tub slightly so that when said tub is used in conjunction with a shower stall, the drain of the shower stall remains substantially unblocked. The tub has an overflow outlet which may be positioned toward the rear of the shower stall so as to preclude splashing of water outside the stall.

Inflatable bathing tub
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
July 23, 1975
Publication Date
May 17, 1977
Susan Myers Younker
3033 Deakin St., No. 3, Berkeley, 94705
A47K 3/06
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