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A digital valve assembly has a body provided with a plurality of planar sides and has an inlet passage running axially thereinto and opening past an axial projection and through a plurality of inlet branch passages in divergent array to inlet valve openings on the respective sides of the body. There is also an outlet passage substantially coaxial with the inlet passage and open at the other end of the body. In communication with the outlet passage over an axial projection therein is a plurality of outlet branch passages, each opening on a respective one of the body sides and converging therefrom toward the outlet passage. The outlet valve openings and inlet valve openings are close together or are paired, so that each pair is coverable by a respective one of a number of valves, each mounted on the body on one of the sides in a position to control flow through the openings therein. The outlet branch passages are preferably of different cross-sectional flow areas, the flow area of one passage being related to the respective flow areas of the other passage in accordance with a predetermined scheme or size relationship, conveniently one in which the quantity of flow through the valve as a whole can be controlled in even steps or as desired by varying the particular valve or valves which may be open at any one time.

Digital valve assembly
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July 17, 1975
Publication Date
April 26, 1977
Victor B VAN Blerk
San Jose
James B Jerde
Mountain View
Lothrop & West
Digital Dynamics
F16K 11/24
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