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This invention relates to a medical clamp for controllably occluding extremely small body vessels such as blood vessels within the intracranial or intraspinal areas of the human body. The disclosed clamp is preferably formed from a U-shaped unitary body of transparent, resilient elastomeric biologically inert material such as Tygon or Silastic wherein the leg members of the U-shaped body are controllably brought together to occlude a vessel placed therebetween by means of a flexible line or spring. Several embodiments are disclosed illustrating various expedients for securing the flexible line such as a sliding friction device or latch plate, and for operating and securing the string mechanism. All embodiments include means for measuring and detecting the termination of fluid flow through a vessel being occluded. Such measuring or detecting means permit the use of only that amount of pressure and no more than is necessary to cause vessel occlusion.

Medical clamp for occluding intracranial blood vessels
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November 11, 1975
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April 12, 1977
Sanford J Wright Jr
2000 Baltimore Road, Rockville, 20850
Charles M Leedom
A61B 17/08
A61B 17/12
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