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A disposable diaper having a facing sheet defining a diaper inside surface for direction toward an infant and a backing sheet defining a diaper outside surface is provided with adhesive tabs comprising an integral elongated tape ribbon which is folded to form a plurality of articulated segments. The tab forms a loop having inner and outer faces with a backing-anchoring segment and facing-anchoring segment at opposite ends of the tab. The anchoring segments are attached to the backing sheet and facing sheet, respectively, to distribute stresses which are imposed on the tab. A securing segment having pressure-sensitive adhesive means on the outer face thereof, and a release-bearing segment having release means on the outer face thereof, are positioned intermediate the anchoring segments. The adhesive means is contiguous to and protected by the release means when the tab is in a storage position, and can be separated therefrom when the tab is extended to a working position in which the adhesive means is available for securing the diaper about an infant. In one embodiment, further adhesive means and release means are provided to enable the diaper to be removed from the infant and thereafter refastened thereon by employing the further adhesive means.

Diaper with collapsible adhesive tab fastener
Application Number
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March 12, 1976
Publication Date
March 29, 1977
Ludwig Tritsch
Johnson & Johnson
A61F 13/16
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