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Fasteners particularly useful as orthopedic screws comprise an external fastening member having a shank formed with a head at one end, external spiral threads extending to the opposite end, an internal bore extending axially through the head of the shank, and a plurality of side slits formed radially through the tip at the opposite end of the shank to the bore to provide a plurality of outwardly expansible tips at the latter end. The fastener also includes, an internal spreading member axially movable within the bore to engage the tips of the fastening member and thereby to outwardly spread them.

In one described embodiment, the fastener further includes an insert removably received between heads on the two members such that when the insert is in position, the internal spreading member or the insert may be rotated to rotate the external fastening member in the fastening direction and when the insert is removed, the internal spreading member may be rotated to expand the tips of the external member. In a second described embodiment, the internal spreading member includes a lower enlarged end which is axially movable to expand the tips of the external fastening member.

Fasteners particularly useful as orthopedic screws
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November 11, 1975
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March 22, 1977
Lior Rosenberg
4 Ophir St., Tel Aviv
Benjamin J Barish
A61F 5/04
A61B 17/18
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