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Agricultural apparatus for distributing material, such as fertilizer or pesticide, to a field, characterized by apparatus adapted to be affixed to a conventional vehicle, such as a truck, and including a pivoted boom extending outwardly from each side of the vehicle, a fixed spray tube or the like extending across the rear end of the vehicle, and caster mounted markers carried by each boom at its outer end for marking the edges of a path over which material is delivered by the booms and fixed spray tube. Each boom is mounted for major pivotal movement about an axis extending upwardly and forwardly with respect to the direction of movement of the vehicle, the angle being of the order of 40.degree. to 60.degree., which permits the booms to swing rearwardly and upwardly when a marker passes over an obstruction, such as a rock. Each boom is also pivoted for minor movement about a second axis disposed perpendicular to the axis of major pivotal movement and a resilient strut limits the movement about the second axis.

Field marking system
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November 22, 1974
Publication Date
March 15, 1977
Willard Owen Elmer
P.O. Drawer C, Indianola, 69034
A01B 49/06
B05B 1/20
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