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A method and apparatus for abatement of excess gasoline vapor emissions which occur during transfer of service station liquid gasoline from one storage tank to another storage tank, such as the transfer of gasoline at a gasoline service station from a gasoline storage tank truck to underground gasoline storage tanks and also from underground gasoline storage tanks to an automobile or vehicle storage tank through a gasoline pump station. Vent outlet pipes of the underground storage tanks are manifolded to a common vent pipe, where the vapor pressure is sensed and upon reaching a predetermined vapor pressure, (normally slightly below atmospheric) vapors are directed along a path from the vent pipe to a burner means. Gasoline vapors are directed to the burner by means of suction produced by an ejector using compressed air and an air-fume mixer so that substantially complete combustion of the resulting vapor air mixture will occur in the burner means. The burner is automatically ignited and burns the vapor-air mixture whenever preselected vapor pressure conditions occur in the common vent pipe during transfer of liquid gasoline between such tanks. An apparatus including pressure-vacuum valves, a fume-fresh air mixer, and solenoid actuated valves so arranged and interconnected that a burner associated therewith will receive a combustible mixture of air and gasoline vapor and burn such vapor mixture to destroy hydrocarbon emissions in the vapor-air mixture.

Method and apparatus for abatement of gasoline vapor emissions
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August 8, 1975
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March 1, 1977
John H Hirt
Monterey Park
Poms Smith Lande & Glenny
Hirt Combustion Engineers
F23G 7/06
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