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A golf club head weight adjustor assembly that includes an elongate tube of a resilient material that has first and second ends, and the tube capable of being removably disposed in an elongate cavity in the club head that is substantially parallel to the ball striking surface of the head. The tube has first radial openings adjacent the ends thereof. A number of longitudinally spaced, radial, second openings are defined in the tube that are transversely aligned with third radial openings. Rigid weight balls, each of a fourth diameter greater than that of the second openings, can be forced radially through the second opening into the bore of the tube to be frictionally gripped by the latter and occupy a fixed longitudinal position therein. A closure removably engages the head to close the cavity to maintain the weight adjuster within the confines of the latter. A tool is included as a part of the assembly, which tool has a pin and hook formed as an integral part thereof. The hook may removably engage one of the first openings to slidably remove a tube and weighted ball contained therein from the club head. The pin of the tool may be moved radially through the third openings to force unwanted weight balls from within the confines of the tube through the second openings to the exterior thereof.

Weight adjustor assembly
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July 10, 1975
Publication Date
February 22, 1977
Ambrose L Gordos
4301 E. 2nd, No. 1E, Long Beach, 90803
William C Babcock
A63B 53/04
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