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A perfume dispenser which enables any of a plurality of different liquid perfumes to be selected or to be selectively mixed prior to being dispensed, whereby a plurality of different perfume fragrances can be obtained from the dispenser, as desired. The perfume dispenser comprises a holder for holding a plurality of perfume containers, each containing a liquid perfume of a different fragrance, a selector device which enables liquid perfume from any one or from a combination or combinations of the containers to be selected for dispensing through an outlet of the dispenser and an actuating means operable to cause the release of a quantity of the selected liquid perfume or perfumes into a mixing chamber and from said chamber to said outlet.

Perfume dispenser
Application Number
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Application Date
July 14, 1975
Publication Date
February 8, 1977
Girair Hagop Alticosalian
27 Beaufort Road, Ealing, W.5.
Brisebois & Kruger
B67D 5/60
B67D 5/22
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