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Process and apparatus for the continuous production of chipboards, fibreboards, or the like from lignocellulose containing particles mixed with binders, which particles are strewed onto an endless conveyor belt forming a mat or fleece, which mat is subsequently introduced into a press and compressed therein to a panel sheet under the effect of heat during which period the binder hardens, characterized by heating apparatus for heating the upper cover layer of the mat before the mat enters the feeding zone of the press. Preferred apparatus for heating the upper cover layer of the mat includes indirect radiant heat supplying devices such as infra-red lamps. The preferred temperature range to which the upper mat cover layer is heated is 30.degree. to 50.degree. C.

Process for the continuous production of particle board
Application Number
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January 20, 1975
Publication Date
January 25, 1977
Gunter Bucking
Springe, Deister
Craig & Antonelli
Bison werke Bahre & Greten & Co KG
B29D 27/00
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