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A belt feeder gate for use in self-unloading ships of the type in which the hold of the ship is provided with a hoppered bottom including a plurality of hoppers overlying an unloading conveyor belt moving lengthwise of the ship. Each open hopper bottom is closed by a gate comprising two wheeled gate sections which are movable relative to each other along stationary tracks in a horizontal plane and in a direction laterally of the direction of travel of the underlying unloading conveyor belt. The respective longitudinally opposite wheeled ends of the respective gate sections project in underlying relation to longitudinally spaced "hog ridges" defined by the walls of adjacent hoppers, each "hog ridge" being an inverted V-shaped hollow space defined beneath two upwardly converging oppositely longitudinally inclined walls of two longitudinally adjacent discharge hoppers. The stationary tracks on which the wheeled gates move are also in underlying relation to, although not within, the respective "hog ridges," and the hydraulic rams which impart movement to the gate sections are housed within the "hog ridges." A further feature of the construction is the V-shaped axial cross-section of the wheels on the gate sections, which V-shaped cross-section rides on an inverted V-shaped track to prevent "play" or wobble of the wheeled gate relative to the tracks, thereby providing a constant and stabilized linear relation of the wheeled gate relative to the power means such as a hydraulic ram, which imparts movement to the gate sections.

Hopper gate for self-unloading ships
Application Number
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December 22, 1975
Publication Date
January 25, 1977
Robert M Empey
Robert C Sullivan
Allis Chalmers Corporation
B65G 67/58
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