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One of a plurality of members is rotated by driving means relative to another member around an axis, the members forming between them a narrow passage extending around the rotation axis and serving for through-flow of a liquid to be heat treated, the driving means effecting relative movement between the walls defining the narrow passage, so that the liquid flowing therethrough is heated by internal friction in the liquid. The passage has a liquid inlet spaced from the rotation axis; and the passage extends from this inlet, via a point spaced a greater distance from the axis than is the inlet, to a liquid outlet located closer to the axis than is said point. Liquid flowing through the passage from the inlet to the outlet is heated by internal friction substantially in a small part of the passage located farthest from the axis; and one of the members is operable to transfer heat from liquid situated in the passage, and which has passed the passage part farthest from the axis, to liquid which is on its way in the passage to the part farthest from the axis.

Heat treating apparatus for liquids
Application Number
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Application Date
March 19, 1975
Publication Date
January 25, 1977
Lennart Arvid Stenstrom
Cyrus S Hapgood
Alfa Laval
F22B 3/06
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