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A game in which a printed board or sheet piece provided with a representation of a lake and surrounding earth or land area imprinted thereon and having a grid arrangement superimposed on at least the lake or water areas to provide playing spaces for movement of playing pieces along the grid, each move being determined by the casting of at least one die, with the end result of the game play corresponding generally to the well known bass anglers' fishing tournament which is commonly called Bass Masters Classic. Tokens representative of fish are loosely disposed on certain selected squares of the grid and are retained by the first player whose playing pieces lands or comes to rest on the square, thus representing the player's "catch". When all of these fish have been removed from the board, at least one session or portion of the game is completed. Instructions are provided on additional selected squares of the grid, some of which may result in bonuses or rewards of larger catches of fish for the player stopping on the square, and some of which may result in a set-back or penalty for the player landing thereon. Groups or sets of chance cards are arranged on the printed boards and are drawn by players during movement of their playing pieces on the grid in accordance with certain of the squares on which the playing pieces come to rest, said chance cards providing random information or instructions for the players.

Bass anglers fishing classic game
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May 2, 1975
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January 18, 1977
Mark A Jones
823 N. Winston, Tulsa, 74115
Head Johnson & Chafin
A63F 3/00
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