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A porous pipe primarily of rubber and synthetic rubber reclaimed from rubber tires, ground to a relatively small granular size, with metal removed; such as, for example, would pass through a 30-mesh screen, process-mixed through a pipe extruder, with a much smaller binder mix of primarily polyethylene, along with vinyl, ABS binder, and a trace of attaclay. The resulting product is useful as a subsurface irrigation buried pipe, having high structural integrity effectively resisting soil-loading pipe collapse, and it even resists collapse from moderately large rocks in the soil, and yet has a high degree of flexibility along its length. A pipe is provided with cross sectional area of pipe wall more than twice the cross sectional area of the pipe opening. It is a water-leaking pipe formed in the process through the extruder with limited foaming from steam originating from absorbed moisture in the ground, reclaimed rubber tire material, and from residual gasses venting from the material mix, with product mix heating in the extruder, forming some open cell fluid flow paths. The foaming with steam and gasses from the mix also form labyrinth passageways between the rubber tire granuals and the polyethylene binder mix, and also through the binder mix that is non-compatible with the rubber granules but that forms a physical interconnective structural material binder therefor.

Underground irrigation porous pipe
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February 26, 1974
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January 18, 1977
James E Turner
Bard Springs & Jackson
George C Ballas trustee
F16L 11/04
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