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A portable electronic calculator is provided with a housing carrying a first printed circuit board having the operating parts mounted thereon, i.e., keyboard, electronic arithmetic unit, and multi-digit display unit. The housing is of rectangular outline and of shallow height, and is provided at one end with a receptacle communicating with the first printed circuit board and opening at the end of the housing. An electrical supply unit is mounted on a second printed circuit board which slides into said receptacle, said two printed circuit boards having plug-and-socket connection means therebetween for automatically making and breaking connections when said second printed circuit board and electrical supply unit are inserted into or removed from said receptacle.

Portable calculator
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
September 16, 1974
Publication Date
January 11, 1977
Adolf H Zielinski
Haidgraben 101, 8012 Ottobrunn near Munich
Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse
G06F 15/02
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