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A prostate massager for use as a medical instrument for massaging and treating an inflammatory prostate gland, the massager comprising a flexible, digital-massaging head adapted to be inserted into the rectum and positioned adjacent the prostate gland, the digital head being removably attached to a substantially U-shaped handle having a coupling neck member disposed between the digital head and handle, wherein the depth of insertion is controlled by a shoulder ring which is adjustably mounted to the neck member. The massaging head is flexibly operated by a control line that is connected at one end to the head, the opposite end thereof being free for manipulating the massaging head.

Prostate massager
Application Number
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Application Date
September 2, 1975
Publication Date
January 11, 1977
Willie Ray Bradley
175 S. Rio Vista St., No. 146, Anaheim, 92806
A61H 7/00
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