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A light pole having a support at the top of the pole and a light-carrying structure encircling the pole. A first fixed suspension is provided depending downwardly from the support and a second fixed suspension is provided on the light-carrying structure. The first and second fixed suspensions cooperate to detachably suspend the light-carrying structure from the support at a first position just beneath the support. A cable system extends from the support to the light-carrying structure for use in lowering the light-carrying structure down the pole for servicing the lights and for raising it back to the first position. The cable system is offset circumferentially with respect to the first suspension in order to impart a slight rotation of the light-carrying structure during the engagement and disengagement of the first and second suspensions. This rotation provides an easy and secure engagement and disengagement of the first and second suspensions with each other. The pole is provided at its bottom end with facilities for detachably receiving, within and without the pole, a control system for the cable system to raise and lower the light-carrying structure.

Lighting pole
Application Number
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March 17, 1975
Publication Date
January 4, 1977
Roger Derasp
1825 Buies, Longueuil, Quebec
Bacon & Thomas
F21V 21/38
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