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A golf club of the wood, or iron, type, as categorized by the U.S. Golf Association, has a head with an intact, flat, planar ball striking face but with a plurality of parallel grooves formed in the upper (or top) face, normal to the striking face to visually indicate the desired direction of stroke. A plurality of parallel grooves are also formed in the lower (or bottom) face, normal to the striking face to reduce air and ground friction. The grooves commence at closed ends, just in rear of the upper and lower front edges, so as not to affect the striking face. The grooves and ribs are below the level of their respective upper or lower faces, opposite each other in equal numbers and cooperate to reduce resistance while having a rudder effect.

Golf wood, or iron, club
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August 20, 1975
Publication Date
December 14, 1976
Marvin B Goldberg
7 Oak Park Circle, Lexington, 02173
Pearson & Pearson
A63B 53/04
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