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A system and apparatus for the storage of energy generated by natural elements. Energy from natural elements such as from the sun, wind, tide, waves, and the like, is converted into potential energy in the form of air under pressure which is stored in a large, subterranean cell. Machines of known types such as windmills are driven by natural elements to operate air compressors. Air compressors pump the air under pressure to the storage cell. Air entering the storage cell displaces water from the cell which returns to a water reservoir as an ocean or a lake. Water locks the air in the storage cell. The stored compressed air is available upon demand to perform a work function as driving an air turbine to operate an electric generator.

Energy storage system
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June 5, 1975
Publication Date
December 14, 1976
George M Herberg
Gonvick, 56644
Burd Braddock & Bartz
F15B 21/00
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