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Method for preventing moulding or other microbial surface deterioration of foods and feeds due to micro-organisms by using a preservative substance, either a chemically defined food additive or a vegetable extract having microbicidal or microbe-inhibiting effect. The preservative is applied in the form of an aerosol in which a substantial part of the particles or droplets in the aerosol have a diameter less than 5 microns, preferably within the limits 0.2-2 microns. The aim of the present invention is to reduce the economic losses and health risks caused by mould formation and other microbial surface growth on food materials and articles and feeds.

Method for preventing microbial surface deterioration of foods and feeds
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September 9, 1974
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December 7, 1976
Olavi Elis Nikkila
Perustie 13 A 12, Helsinki 33
Yrjo Malkki
Lounaisvayla 19, Helsinki 20
Haseltine Lake & Waters
A23L 3/34
A23C 3/08
A21D 15/08
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