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A versatile protective closure for a cable splice comprising complementary mating body portions having a generally cylindrical shape terminating in serrated tapered ends, each portion including a pair of longitudinally extending flange portions each having an inner and an outer raised rim portion. The rim portions have alternate tongues and grooves arranged to define separate central and outer enclosed chambers when the two body portions are mated to form a casing about a cable. The top body portion has inner and outer filling apertures at each end in communication with the central and outer enclosed chambers, and a pair of optional annular partitioning members can be received internally in a region between adjacent inner and outer filling apertures to provide fluid isolation between the central and outer chambers. A plurality of axially spaced, circumferentially extending stiffener ribs are grooved to receive optional closure bands.

The device provides both re-enterable and permanent enclosures for cables, as desired. In use, the cable is installed longitudinally of the bottom body portion, the top body portion is fitted and suitable encapsulant material is poured into the central and outer chamber filling apertures. The partitioning members are installed prior to mating the body portions when isolation of the central and outer chambers is required. For permanent enclosures, a hard setting encapsulant is poured throughout both chambers. For re-enterable enclosures, a soft setting encapsulant is poured throughout both chambers, or the partitioning members are installed and the central and outer chambers are filled with soft and hard setting encapsulant, respectively. The central chamber may also be filled with grease melted and poured or injected under pressure or a dry gas at ambient or under pressure.

The enclosure may be re-entered by parting the two body portions along mating surfaces of the peripheral flanges.

Protective cable enclosure, cable assembly including the same, and method of encapsulating a cable in a protective enclosure
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February 11, 1975
Publication Date
November 16, 1976
Richard L DeMonsy
Norman K Hankins
Townsend and Townsend
Hexcel Corporation
H02G 1/14
H02G 15/08
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