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A system for automatically supplying information to an operator, such as a student being taught to repair a piece of equipment, includes a magnetic tape storage medium having audio and video information storage tracks. A coded data signal track having indicia for locations of the information on the video and audio tracks is provided. An operator station includes keys for entering answer and command signals that control movement of the tape, so that the tape is advanced at a normal speed whereby the audio and video information is presented to the operator at a normal rate, the medium is advanced at a high speed to minimize the time that no meaningful information is presented to the operator, the medium is reversed at high speed, or stopped. Indexing of the tape can be performed by the operator selecting predetermined location indicia or in response to the operator selecting certain commands or answers in response to the audio and video information presented to the operator. For example, the operator can request certain portions of the audio and video information to be repeated or skipped, in which cases the tape is rewound or advanced at high speed to portions of the tape indicated on the tape itself. In response to questions presented to the operator by the audio information and answers given by the operator, branching to different portions of the tape is performed by advancing or rewinding the tape at high speed to areas of the tape designated by the signal track indicia. Supervisory control of the actions taken by the operator is provided to selectively prevent or allow the skipping, repeating, fast forward, rewind, play or indexing operations. Pauses in the presentation of the audio visual information can be selectively inserted by the operator independent from signals from the data track.

Programmed presentation system
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November 5, 1973
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October 19, 1976
Clement W Munninghoff
Robert P Bosche
Lowe King Price & Markva
Cincinnati Electronics Corporation
G11B 15/06
G11B 15/22
G11B 15/52
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