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Control of illumination with illumination amplifier devices provides a basis for implementing various types of illumination systems. Also illumination amplifiers in closed illumination servo loops provide improved illumination control. An illumination control system provides precise control of camera operations for photographic and photoplotter applications. Illumination amplifier devices are used in conjunction with electronic control circuits to provide flexibility and precision in camera systems, reducing reliance on prior art mechanical devices.

Illumination control circuits are presented in the form of digital gates and flip-flops and in the form of analog computational elements to provide illumination computer systems. In addition, a batch fabricated illumination computer arrangement is presented for improved implementation of illumination control systems.

Illumination amplifiers are further configured for control of illumination in buildings and automobiles. Various types of devices such as windows, shutters, shades and visors are configured with illumination amplifiers to provide electronic control of illumination.

Batch fabricated display arrangements are provided having an illumination source integral with an illumination amplifier for low cost, small volume, and flexibility. Also, colored display arrangements are provided for control of colors with illumination amplifier devices.

Illumination control system
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June 4, 1973
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October 12, 1976
Gilbert Peter Hyatt
11101 Amigo Ave., Northridge, 91324
Gilbert P Hyatt
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