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Reinforced body armor and the like is fabricated by securing a thin ballistic metal outer shell to a plurality of layers of flexible material having qualities resistant to ballistic penetration. The layers of material are sewn together along paths spaced within a selected predetermined range, so as to restrict movement of the fabric layers in lateral and longitudinal directions and to compact the layers in an elastic mass thereby to provide improved resistance to penetration of the material by a ballistic missile and to partially stiffen the material so that shock waves and the force of impact of the missile are distributed over a relatively large area adjacent the point of impact of the missile to reduce back target distortion.

Lightweight armor and method of fabrication
Application Number
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April 18, 1972
Publication Date
July 27, 1976
Richard A Armellino
17 Forestdale Drive, Huntington, 11746
Alvin Sinderbrand
Lewis H Eslinger
F41H 1/02
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