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An aerosol container is provided for foaming a liquid aerosol composition therein prior to expulsion from the container and then expelling the resulting foamed aerosol composition comprising, in combination, a pressurizable container having a valve movable between open and closed positions, with a valve stem and a foam-conveying passage therethrough in flow connection with a delivery port; at least two separate compartments in the container, of which a first compartment is in direct flow connection with the valve passage, and a second compartment is in flow connection with the valve passage only via the first compartment; and a porous bubbler having through pores interposed between the first and second compartments with the through pores communicating the two compartments, the pores being of sufficiently small dimensions to restrict flow of propellant gas from the second compartment therethrough and form bubbles of such gas in liquid aerosol composition across the line of flow from the porous bubbler to the valve, thereby to foam the aerosol composition upon opening of the valve to atmospheric pressure, and to expel foamed aerosol composition through the open valve. A process is also provided for foaming liquid aerosol compositions with a propellant gas prior to expulsion from an aerosol container.

Aerosol containers for foaming and delivering aerosols and process
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March 3, 1975
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July 20, 1976
Dorothea C Marra
107 Fernwood Road, Summit, 07901
Lloyd I Osipow
2 Fifth Ave., New York, 10011
Marvin Small
1100 Park Ave., New York, 10028
Joseph George Spitzer
44 Coconut Row, Palm Beach, 33480
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B65D 83/14
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